At what age can I use an umbrella stroller?

umbrella strollersOnly a parent can understand the endless array of concerns that overwhelm us during the first few months of our babies life with us. The concerns never really go away, however, they do get better.

One of the most difficult things involved in adapting to day to day life with a newborn is usually when we need take the baby out of the house in order to run errands. Most of us go through a stage where we are tempted to stop running around all together and concentrate solely on the newborn baby, however, that is not very realistic nor is it advisable in most cases.

When shopping or running errands it is usually impossible to carry the infant in our arms at all times. Front packs are really nice, however, they are not always safe. The best solution for most of us is to use a good stroller. If you have two little ones or twins and you’re looking for a good double umbrella stroller, check this out.

Strollers can really help you out a lot, however, sometimes they seem to create so many difficulties that you may wonder if they are really worth it. As nice as they are once mounted and in use, most standard strollers are bulky, heavy, and awkward to get in and out of vehicles. If you have ever tried to get a stroller in or out of you car and set up while the baby is crying then you know what I am talking about.

One solution that is usually overlooked for small infants is an umbrella stroller. An umbrella stroller is lightweight and easy to get in and out of your car. They are made to easily fold up like an umbrella and fit in tight spaces effortlessly. The reason most people do not consider them is that most of us think of these strollers as being only for toddlers.

Using An Umbrella Stroller For A Newborn Infant

The reason most people would frown upon the idea of using an umbrella stroller for an infant is that newborns can not keep their head up by themselves, therefore the typical umbrella stroller will not work. The truth is, however, that there are several umbrella strollers out there that are made specifically for small infants.

These strollers are designed with a special harness that keeps the infant in a safe position and allows you to take advantage of having such an easy stroller while keeping your infant safe and happy.

Most doctors recommend using such strollers at around 3 months of age. Some have reported using them at 18 months, however, if you decide to do so you need to be extra careful on how you set the baby up in it.

This having been said you should still use caution and common sense when deciding to use an umbrella stroller for your infant. Make sure you recline the back enough, keep the harness adjusted right, and keep the infants head propped at the right angle.

If you buy the right umbrella stroller you will be grateful for the easiness in which you will be able to run errands with your baby!

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