Balance Bikes vs Training Wheels

Learning to ride a bike is a milestone in many people’s lives. However, there are more and more parents who wonder whether the traditional training wheels are the right way to go. If you do not think that training wheels are the best option you should consider the balance bike. You need to look at why parents feel training wheels are not a good option, what a balance bike is and how it can help your child learn to ride a bike.

Why Training Wheels are Bad

Training wheels have long been the staple for getting children comfortable with riding a bike. They offer a stable platform that lets the children get used to the motions of the bike and how to use it. However, there are a number of problems that come with you use training wheels.

The primary problem with training wheels is that they do not teach the child how to balance on the bike. This is one of the most important aspects of riding a bike. If you cannot balance correctly you are not going to be able to ride the bike properly and this could lead to injury.

The second problem that you need to consider is when you have to make the transition from training wheels to no training wheels. The movement from four wheels to two can be very scary for children particularly if they do not have the correct level of balance needed. This is one of the reasons why many children do not want to move away from the training wheels. For more info, here’s a helpful community site on promoting freedom from training wheels.

What is a Balance Bike?

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training BikeIf training wheels are not the right option then you have to wonder what the alternatives are. One of the alternatives that you can use is the balance bike. Balance bikes which are also known as run bikes take the training wheels out of the equation completely.

When you use a balance bike the child will be propelling the bike forward with their legs instead of pedals. This offers you a number of benefits that you should consider.

If you’re in the market for balance bikes, this article will help you find the best starter balance bike for your child.

How Balance Bikes Help

Balance bikes help children learn to ride a bike in a number of different ways. The first way is through the balance that they are going to get. As the bike design is the standard two wheel of a normal bike children are able to get used to the balance needed to keep the bike upright.

The balance bike will also help children develop the leg strength that they need to properly propel a traditional bike. When the leg muscles have strengthened the child will be able to use a traditional bike with more ease.

The last way that the balance bike helps is through the stages that it uses to teach children to ride. When you use a balance bike you are going to be developing the important balance that is needed without the child having to worry about learning to pedal. This is something that can come later once balance has been achieved.

There are many parents who wonder if it is better to use a balance bike or training wheels. Training wheels do have their advantages, but balance bikes are able to better set your child up for riding a proper bicycle.

Here’s a great video from BabyGizmo showing how a 3-year old went from a balance bike to a pedal bike:

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  1. It couldn’t be easier to teach your child to ride a balance bike. If your child can walk then your child can ride a balance bike. If you follow some easy step then soon you will be amazed how quickly your child takes off on their new bike.

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