Best Loft Beds for Kids

The time has come for gifts and Christmas cheer for your children this year! If you’ve decided it’s time for change in your kid’s room, then a loft bed is definitely the way to go! Loft beds are wonderful additions to any room. They add a sense of unique style, and serve as an excellent way to utilize the space available. Not only will your child revel in sleeping up high, but you can also have the option of storing things beneath the bed, if desired.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best loft beds for sale this year. Let these product reviews guide you toward the perfect bed for your child, and take the confusion out of Christmas shopping this holiday season. Each of these beds has its own particular selling point, so be sure to choose the best one that fits your style and situation.

Powell Princess Castle Bunk Bed

Powell Princess Castle Twin Tent Bunk Bed with SlideFirst on the list is the Powell Princess Castle Bunk Bed by Powell Furniture; the perfect answer for your little princess. In a twin size, this bed is designed with a canopied bed that leads to a slide. The slide is charmingly designed as a castle turret and extends safely to the ground.

>> Powell Princess Castle Twin Tent Bunk Bed with Slide

Beneath the bed is a covered space that could serve as a play area for Her Royal Highness, or fit another bed for a second princess if need be. The bed is constructed from stainless steel, while the fabric is a mixture of polyester and microfiber. This bed is perfect accompaniment to your young lady this Christmas.


Coaster Bunk Bed: Slide & Tent

Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent, MulticolorThe Coaster Bunk Bed by Coaster Home Furnishings comes in many different options. Sporting a slide and tent, this bed is jam packed with fun in the form of a slide that extends from the bed to the floor, and a tent that sits beneath the bed!

>> Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent

It’s your child’s very own play fort, and will afford them hours of fun. The bed sports a multicoloured theme of red, yellow, and blue. It is constructed with durable and stable steel tubing. A ladder allows for ease of climbing. This bed will make an excellent addition for your child’s room.


Canwood Whistler Junior Loft Bed

Canwood Whistler Junior Loft BedThe Canwood Whistler Junior Loft Bed by Canwood takes a simpler approach to loft bed perfection. While it was not crafted to serve as a play area, the bed is constructed of quality New Zealand wood, and was designed for both safety, and durability.

>> Canwood Whistler Junior Loft Bed

The bed specifically safety standards for both the US and Canada, and has wide slats for maximum stability. It sports a rich, wood finish for a classic look that is guaranteed to be timeless, and to fit in with most decors available. The bed also touts the simplest assembly presented thus far, making for a quality, no-hassle option.


South Shore Furniture Complete Loft Bed

South Shore Furniture, Logik Collection, Complete Loft BedThe Logik Collection complete loft bed by South Shore Furniture provides double the fun and double the usefulness for your two children this holiday season. With the option of a white or natural wood finish, the bed sports two beds, the lower of which is on casters.

>> South Shore Logik Collection Complete Loft Bed

Shelf space on either side of the bed provides ample storage options. A workspace is built into the side of the bed, as well, and comes with a keyboard tray. The bed comes with a 5 year warranty, and as an added bonus, is constructed of a composite wood that holds the Forest Stewardship Council certification.


Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed

Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed with WorkstationThe Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 by Coaster Home Furnishings is our most industrious entry so far! This bed comes complete with a built-in desk with keyboard tray to accommodate the child that prefers to be online.

>> Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed with Workstation

Constructed of solid steel, the bed sports full-length guardrails for maximum safety, to prevent the child from accidentally rolling off in their sleep. Two ladders also allow for ease of entry and exit from either end of the bed. As a bonus, the bed also comes with a shelf for storage purposes. This bed is for the more mature at heart, and for those that need a place to work as well.

Now that you have some idea of which bed to gift your children this Christmas, make their year by giving them a place to sleep, and to play.

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