Race Car Bed for Toddlers

Now that Christmas is right around the corner, it’s time to shop for presents for your beautiful toddler. If they’re too old for a crib, but too young for a larger bed, then why not a race car bed? Race car beds are bed frames in the shape of a race car, and will delight your little boy or girl, even as they race into their dreams! These beds are great for children who have a love for race cars, and want to imagine driving their own. Race car beds also make great centerpieces for your toddler’s race themed room, or even a playroom.

The Best Toddler Race Car Beds This Holiday Season

Not all of these beds are created equal, and with so many already on the market it can be difficult to know which beds are safe, quality options for your toddler. Not to worry, we’ve done the work for you, and listed the top four race car beds for your toddler this season.

Kidkraft Race Car Toddler Bed

KidKraft Racecar Toddler BedOur first option is the Race Car Toddler Bed from Kidkraft. This bed sports a fun red and blue motif that will have your toddler grinning from ear to ear. This bed fits most mattresses, and is made of solid wood.

>> Kidkraft Race Car Toddler Bed

An excellent choice that can stand the test of durability before your rambunctious little one. Additionally, it comes with bed rails to keep your child safe. The bed is built low to the ground to ensure easy access, and even has a bench built into the foot of the bed for your little racer to sit in when he’s not racing in his dreams.


Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Roadster

Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Roadster Toddler BedThis particular bed is a favorite among many toddlers! The styling and detailing copy that of everyone’s favorite “Cars” character, Lightning McQueen! If your toddler is a fan of this movie, then they’ll find the intricate and accurate reproduction of this fan favorite an absolute delight.

>> Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Roadster Toddler Bed

The bed fits all standard US crib mattresses. Built by Little Tikes, one of America’s most reputable companies, this bed is durable, and of superb quality. Very few toddler beds come with this degree of quality construction and detailing. This bed will not only serve its purpose for as long you require, but will look great doing so!


Step2 Corvette Bed with Lights

Step2 Corvette BedBy far the most advanced race car bed on our list is the Corvette bed by Step2. This bed designed modeled to resemble an actual Corvette Z06, with stunning attention to detail. The car comes in a fiery red, cool silver, or stylish black color, to suit your child’s taste.

>> Step2 Corvette Bed for kids

Unlike previous entries, this bed also fits both Toddler and Twin mattresses, meaning the can grow with your child. The bed’s most exciting feature, however, is that comes with working LED headlights! A push of a button will light up the path to your child’s dreams.


Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin BedOur final entry is another addition by Little Tikes. The Sports Car Twin Bed is a top quality, durable solution for the boy or girl that can’t wait to race off to slumber.

>> Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed

Offered in blue or black, this bed comes with a box spring that has two separate height adjustments! As it is manufactured by Little Tikes, you can rest assured that the bed is well crafted out of quality materials that can whether the most excitable of racers for as long as you have it in your home.


These are the best four toddler race car beds money can buy. So this holiday season, satisfy the race car driver in your little one, and give them a reason to smile on Christmas morning.

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