How to Close a Combi Stroller Properly and Safely?

Learn the secret art of effortlessly collapsing a Combi stroller with just a few simple steps.

From locking the wheels to gracefully folding it lengthwise, master the technique to make your stroller storage a breeze.

Say goodbye to clumsy folding struggles and embrace the ease of this time-saving hack.

how to close a combi stroller

To close a Combi stroller, start by locking the front wheels and pushing the canopy back.

Then, pull the levers on the handle to unlock the stroller and tilt it to fold.

Adjust the child’s tray and fold the stroller lengthwise.

Key Points:

  • Lock the front wheels and push the canopy back.
  • Pull the levers on the handle to unlock the stroller and tilt it to fold.
  • Adjust the child’s tray.
  • Fold the stroller lengthwise.

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💡 Did You Know?

1. The original patent for the combi stroller was filed in 1965 by Japanese inventor Seiichi Aizawa, revolutionizing the way parents travel with their children.
2. Combi strollers are designed with a unique one-hand folding mechanism, making it convenient for parents to easily close and store the stroller while holding their child.
3. The combi stroller’s compact size when closed allows for easy transport in cars, public transportation, and even airplanes, making it a versatile choice for busy families on the go.
4. Some combi stroller models come with a self-standing feature when folded, eliminating the need to lean the stroller against a wall or surface, adding to its practicality.
5. The materials used in combi strollers undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability, safety, and comfort for both the child and the parent, making it a reliable choice for everyday use.

Lock Front Wheels

Closing a Combi stroller properly is crucial for both convenience and child safety. Begin by locking the front wheels before proceeding with folding the stroller. By securing the front wheels, you establish a stable foundation for the closure process. This initial step is essential in ensuring a safe and controlled folding procedure, minimizing the risk of accidents.

“Locking the front wheels of the stroller is the first step towards a secure and hassle-free folding process.”

  • Lock the front wheels to prevent unnecessary movement
  • Ensure stability during folding by securing the wheels

Push Back Canopy

  • Secure the front wheels of the Combi stroller.
  • Push back the canopy to create more space and prevent obstruction of the folding mechanism.
  • Ensure the canopy is out of the way to avoid tangling during the folding process.
  • This action helps in maintaining the integrity of the canopy and prevents potential damage.

Pull Handle Levers

To close the Combi stroller, pull the levers on the handle to unlock the stroller. These levers securely hold the stroller in its open position and must be released to initiate the folding process. By pulling the handle levers, you allow yourself the freedom to fold the stroller smoothly. This step is essential to ensure that the stroller can be collapsed without any difficulty, making it easier to transport or store when not in use.

Tilt To Fold

  • Once the handle levers are released, the next step is to tilt the stroller to fold it.
  • Tilt the stroller in a controlled manner to initiate the folding mechanism.
  • This action allows the stroller to collapse into a compact size, making it easier to carry and store.
  • Tilting the stroller to fold ensures that the process is executed smoothly, avoiding any sudden movements that could potentially harm the stroller or the child inside.
  • By following this step carefully, you ensure that the stroller is closed correctly and securely.

Adjust Child’s Tray

Before completing the folding process on the Combi stroller, adjusting the child’s tray is crucial to ensure proper positioning and avoid hindering the folding mechanism. By making this adjustment, you create a smooth surface that allows the stroller to fold evenly without any obstructions. This seemingly small step significantly enhances safety and efficiency in closing the stroller.

“Adjusting the child’s tray on the Combi stroller is essential for smooth folding and optimal safety.”

  • Ensure the child’s tray is securely positioned
  • Create a smooth surface for folding without obstructions

Fold Lengthwise

To complete the closing process of the Combi stroller, fold it lengthwise. This action compacts the stroller into a neat and manageable size, making it easier to transport and store. By folding the stroller lengthwise, you ensure that it takes up minimal space and can be conveniently carried or stored when not in use. This final step seals the folding process, allowing you to safely and securely close the Combi stroller without any hassle.

  • Fold the Combi stroller lengthwise for compact storage
  • Ensure minimal space usage when not in use
  • Securely close the stroller with ease > Italicized text goes here


How do you close a Graco stroller?

To close a Graco stroller, start by gripping the lower handle firmly. For a smooth folding process, gently tug on the lower frame near the wheels to initiate the folding mechanism. Once the folding action starts, be sure to remove your hand from that area to prevent any risk of pinching your fingers. Finally, continue the folding process by applying pressure on the top handle and the seat base until the stroller is fully closed.

What is a combi-cam lock?

The Combi-Cam E Cam Lock is a modern, eco-conscious security solution for a range of applications from lockers to medical carts, offering a compact electronic locking system that eliminates the need for traditional keys and reduces the frequency of battery changes. This innovative lock is ideal for environments like gyms, schools, and hospitals where convenient and reliable storage security is paramount. Its user-friendly design and eco-friendly features make it a popular choice for those seeking a secure and sustainable locking solution.

How do you open a combi-cam lock?

To open a combi-cam lock, first, ensure that the combination is set to the correct number that opens the camlock. Then, turn the dial clockwise by 90 degrees to align the tumblers and unlock the camlock mechanism. Once the dial has been turned, the camlock should easily open. Remember to reset the lock by rotating the dial counterclockwise by 90 degrees when you are finished using the camlock to secure your belongings. Lastly, scramble the combination dials to securely lock the Combi-Cam back in place. This straightforward process ensures smooth and secure access to the combi-cam lock whenever needed.

How can I properly collapse and secure a combi stroller for storage or transport?

To properly collapse and secure a combi stroller for storage or transport, first ensure that the stroller is on a flat surface and all accessories and attachments are removed. Then, locate the folding mechanism, usually found on the handle or under the seat, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to collapse the stroller. Some strollers may require pushing buttons or pulling levers while others may involve a simple one-hand fold. Once the stroller is collapsed, make sure to engage any locking mechanisms to secure it in the folded position. Additionally, consider using any included straps or clips to keep the stroller compact and prevent it from unfolding during transport.

When storing or transporting the collapsed stroller, it is important to ensure that it is placed in a safe and secure position to prevent any damage. Store it in a clean and dry area away from extreme temperatures or moisture to maintain its longevity. If transporting the stroller, consider using a stroller travel bag or cover to protect it from dirt and scratches. Lastly, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for folding and storing the combi stroller to avoid any damage or malfunctions.

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