Bugaboo Ant Travel Stroller Review: Features, Pros, Cons

Are you constantly on the go and in need of a reliable travel companion for your little one?

Look no further than the Bugaboo Ant travel stroller.

This compact and luxurious stroller offers unmatched portability, maneuverability, and compatibility with upscale car seats.

Let’s dive into a detailed review!

bugaboo ant travel stroller review

The Bugaboo Ant travel stroller is a compact and lightweight option with some unique features.

Priced at $499, it offers a UPF50+ canopy, telescopic handlebar, and compatibility with upscale car seats.

While it excels in maneuverability and portability on smooth surfaces, it may struggle on rough terrain.

The stroller is recommended for those prioritizing easy handling and portability.

Key Points:

  • Bugaboo Ant travel stroller: compact, lightweight, unique features
  • Priced at $499, includes UPF50+ canopy, telescopic handlebar, upscale car seat compatibility
  • Excellent maneuverability and portability on smooth surfaces
  • May struggle on rough terrain
  • Recommended for those prioritizing easy handling and portability

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đź’ˇ Did You Know?

1. In the bugaboo ant travel stroller review, did you know that Bugaboo, the company behind the stroller, was founded in 1999 in the Netherlands by designer Max Barenbrug and physician Edward Zanen?

2. The Bugaboo Ant travel stroller is designed with unique “bugaboo ant” suspension technology that ensures a smooth ride for your baby even on bumpy surfaces.

3. Bugaboo ant travel stroller review: This stroller is known for its compact design and easy folding mechanism, making it perfect for travel and urban living.

4. Bugaboo ant travel stroller review: The stroller features a reversible seat that allows your baby to face you or explore the world, depending on their mood.

5. Bugaboo ant travel stroller review: The stroller comes with a variety of optional accessories, such as a sun canopy, rain cover, and cup holder, to enhance your baby’s comfort and convenience while on the go.

Introduction To Bugaboo Ant Travel Stroller

Bugaboo Ant is a sleek and innovative compact travel stroller that has quickly garnered attention for its unique features and high-quality design. Priced at $499, this stroller offers a luxurious travel experience for parents looking for convenience and style. One of the standout features of the Bugaboo Ant is its extendable UPF50+ canopy, which provides excellent sun protection for your little one. Additionally, the telescopic adjustable handlebar adds to the stroller’s versatility, allowing parents of different heights to comfortably push the stroller. With a focus on portability and ease of use, the Bugaboo Ant is a top choice for on-the-go families who refuse to compromise on quality.

  • Extendable UPF50+ canopy for sun protection
  • Telescopic adjustable handlebar for versatility
  • Designed for on-the-go families

Price And Market Positioning

Retailing at $499, the Bugaboo Ant travel stroller is positioned as a premium option in the market, aligning with other luxury travel strollers. While the price point may be higher than some competitors, the Bugaboo Ant justifies its cost with its superior build quality, innovative features, and exceptional performance. For parents who value both style and functionality, the Bugaboo Ant is a worthwhile investment that promises longevity and satisfaction. With its reputation for durability and reliability, Bugaboo has established itself as a trusted brand in the stroller industry, making the Ant a popular choice among discerning parents.

  • Superior build quality
  • Innovative features
  • Exceptional performance

Age Suitability And Features

The Bugaboo Ant travel stroller is designed to cater to a wide age range, suitable from day 1 up to 50 lbs without needing additional accessories. This versatile stroller is an ideal choice for parents seeking a stroller that can grow with their child. The stroller’s compact design and lightweight nature make it easy to use while still providing the maneuverability and comfort expected from a full-sized stroller. With a reversible seat that offers a true upright position, the Bugaboo Ant ensures your child’s comfort and safety during outings. Though the seat may be on the tighter side, this stroller comes highly recommended for those who value portability and easy maneuverability when walking with their little one.

  • Versatile stroller suitable from day 1 up to 50 lbs
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Reversible seat for true upright position
  • Ideal for parents prioritizing portability and maneuverability.

“Bugaboo Ant: A versatile and compact travel stroller ideal for parents on the go.”


Is Bugaboo Ant worth it?

For families looking for a versatile and durable stroller that can accommodate older children up to 22kg, the Bugaboo Ant proves to be a valuable investment. Its higher weight capacity sets it apart from many other lightweight strollers, making it a practical choice for everyday use and long outings. This feature not only extends the lifespan of the stroller but also adds convenience for parents with older children who may still need a break from walking during trips or vacations. Overall, the Bugaboo Ant’s ability to cater to heavier children and provide comfort and support makes it a worthwhile purchase for families seeking a reliable and adaptable stroller.

Is the Bugaboo Ant being discontinued?

While the Bugaboo Ant has been a popular travel stroller for Bugaboo since its debut in June 2019, recent market trends indicate that the brand is shifting its focus with the introduction of the Bugaboo Butterfly. This may suggest that the Ant could potentially be discontinued to make way for the newer model. Bugaboo fans will have to wait and see how the brand’s latest launch will impact the future availability of the Ant in the market.

Is Bugaboo Ant a travel stroller?

Yes, the Bugaboo Ant is a travel stroller designed with a strong emphasis on portability. Its lightweight construction and compact fold make it an ideal choice for parents on the go. Whether you’re navigating busy airports or exploring new destinations, the Bugaboo Ant provides convenience and ease of transport, making it the perfect travel companion for families seeking a hassle-free strolling experience.

Can you use a Bugaboo Ant for a newborn?

Yes, the Bugaboo Ant is suitable for newborns as it is designed to be used from birth. For added comfort and protection, you can use the Bugaboo Bee cocoon with the Bugaboo Ant. This allows you to care for your newborn conveniently and securely while on the go. The Bugaboo Bee cocoon provides a cozy and safe space for your newborn inside the Bugaboo Ant, making it a practical choice for parents looking to travel with their little ones right from the start.

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