Bugaboo Jogging Stroller Review: Running with Style

Are you in the market for a high-quality jogging stroller that’s both stylish and functional?

Look no further than Bugaboo’s Runner.

This review will delve into the features and performance of the Bugaboo jogging stroller, detailing why it has become a favorite among parents seeking both comfort and style.

bugaboo jogging stroller review

The Bugaboo jogging stroller, the Runner, receives praise for its comfortable ride and sleek design.

It features an adjustable seat that can face towards the parent, a full-coverage sun canopy with a UPF rating of 50+, and a modern design that stands out.

The stroller offers a roomy seat suitable for older infants and is compatible with other Bugaboo stroller seats.

With large air-filled tires and built-in suspension, the Runner provides a smooth ride and has a handbrake for easy braking.

Its tall frame with adjustable handlebar, fixed front wheel for stability at faster paces, and vibrant color options make it a popular choice.

However, it may face challenges with maneuverability in crowded urban streets due to its weight of nearly 28 pounds.

Overall, the Bugaboo Runner is well-suited for parents seeking a stylish and functional jogging stroller.

Key Points:

  • Bugaboo Runner jogging stroller lauded for comfortable ride and sleek design
  • Adjustable seat that faces parent, full-coverage sun canopy with UPF 50+, modern design
  • Roomy seat suitable for older infants, compatible with other Bugaboo stroller seats
  • Large air-filled tires, built-in suspension for smooth ride, handbrake for easy braking
  • Tall frame with adjustable handlebar, fixed front wheel for stability, vibrant color options
  • Challenges with maneuverability in crowded urban streets due to weight (nearly 28 pounds)

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💡 Did You Know?

1. The Bugaboo company was founded in 1999 by Max Barenbrug and Eduard Zanen in the Netherlands, with the vision of creating innovative and high-quality strollers for modern families.

2. The Bugaboo jogging stroller features a unique 3-wheel design for increased maneuverability and stability while running or jogging, making it a popular choice among active parents.

3. Bugaboo strollers are known for their high price point, with some models costing over $1,000, but they are often praised for their durability and long-lasting quality.

4. Bugaboo strollers are designed to be customizable, with a range of colors and accessories available to personalize the stroller to fit the preferences and lifestyle of each individual family.

5. Bugaboo strollers have been used by various celebrities and royalty, further solidifying the brand’s reputation as a luxury and stylish choice for parents seeking top-of-the-line baby gear.

Comfortable Ride & Sleek Design

  • Bugaboo’s jogging stroller, the Runner, is a top choice for parents seeking a comfortable and stylish option for their active lifestyle.
  • The stroller boasts large air-filled tires and built-in suspension, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride for both parent and child.
  • The sleek design of the Runner adds a touch of modernity to your outdoor excursions.
  • With a tall frame and an adjustable handlebar, the stroller caters to parents of varying heights, ensuring a comfortable pushing experience.
  • The Bugaboo Runner features a roomy seat that can accommodate older infants comfortably.
  • The adjustable seat can face towards the parent, allowing for easy interaction and bonding during your jogging sessions.
  • This feature is especially beneficial for parents who want to keep an eye on their little one while on the go.
  • The Runner is also compatible with other Bugaboo stroller seats, providing versatility for growing families.

Adjustable Seat Facing Parent

  • One standout feature of the Bugaboo Runner is its adjustable seat that can face towards the parent. This design allows for easy communication and bonding between parent and child during outings.
  • Parents can keep an eye on their little one while jogging, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the ride.
  • The roomy seat is suitable for older infants, providing ample space for them to sit comfortably as they enjoy the outdoor scenery.
  • The ability to adjust the seat direction adds a level of convenience and flexibility to the stroller, making it a practical choice for active families.
  • Whether you prefer to have your child facing you for reassurance or looking outwards to explore the world, the Bugaboo Runner’s adjustable seat caters to your preferences.

Full-Coverage Sun Canopy

  • The Bugaboo Runner features a full-coverage sun canopy with a UPF rating of 50+ to protect your child from the sun’s harmful rays during outdoor activities.
  • The canopy provides excellent sun protection and shields your child from harsh UV rays, ensuring a comfortable environment for them to relax in during jogging sessions.
  • In addition to its protective function, the canopy’s sleek design adds a stylish touch to the stroller.
  • The Bugaboo Runner’s canopy is a practical and essential feature that keeps your child safe and comfortable while you both enjoy outdoor adventures.

Modern & Attention-Grabbing Design

  • The Bugaboo Runner stands out with its modern and attention-grabbing design that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.
  • Available in two bright colors, petrol blue and red, the stroller exudes a sense of style and sophistication.
  • Its sleek lines and contemporary aesthetic make it a fashionable choice for parents who appreciate both form and function in their baby gear.
  • The Runner’s modern design not only looks great but also reflects Bugaboo’s commitment to innovation and quality.
  • The attention to detail in the stroller’s design is evident, from its adjustable handlebar to its fixed front wheel for stability at faster paces.
  • If you’re looking for a jogging stroller that combines style and performance, the Bugaboo Runner is an excellent choice.

Roomy Seat For Older Infants

  • One of the key features of the Bugaboo Runner is its roomy seat, designed to comfortably accommodate older infants.
  • This spacious seat provides ample room for your child to sit back and enjoy the ride while you jog along.
  • The seat’s generous size ensures that your little one has plenty of space to move around and stay content during your outdoor adventures.
  • The roomy seat is complemented by the stroller’s adjustable seat direction, allowing parents to customize their child’s seating position according to their preferences.
  • Whether facing the parent for bonding time or looking outwards for a view of the surroundings, the Bugaboo Runner’s seat offers versatility and comfort for both parent and child.

Large Air-Filled Tires For Smooth Ride

The Bugaboo Runner stands out for its standout feature – large air-filled tires and built-in suspension system, providing a smooth and comfortable ride for both parent and child.

These tires are designed to absorb shocks and vibrations, ensuring a stable and enjoyable experience while jogging. The built-in suspension system further enhances the stroller’s performance, delivering a smooth ride over various terrains.

  • Large air-filled tires provide excellent traction and maneuverability
  • Suitable for diverse terrains, from bumpy trails to smooth city sidewalks

“Navigate outdoor adventures with ease on the Bugaboo Runner, a jogging stroller designed for performance and comfort.”

Easy Handbrake & Adjustable Handlebar

The Bugaboo Runner is designed with practical features that enhance the overall user experience.

  • The stroller comes equipped with a convenient handbrake that allows for easy and quick braking, giving parents peace of mind during their jogging sessions.

The handbrake offers responsive stopping power, ensuring that you can control the stroller effortlessly and safely.

  • Additionally, the Bugaboo Runner features an adjustable handlebar that caters to parents of varying heights.

The tall frame and adjustable handlebar allow for comfortable pushing and steering, reducing strain on your back and shoulders.

  • Whether you’re tall or petite, the stroller’s adjustable handlebar ensures a customized fit, making your jogging experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Key Features:

  • Convenient handbrake for quick braking.
  • Adjustable handlebar for customized fit and comfort.

Challenges With Maneuverability & Weight

  • The Bugaboo Runner offers a comfortable ride and stylish design.
  • Some users have reported difficulties with maneuverability, especially in crowded urban streets.
  • Weighing nearly 28 pounds, the stroller is on the heavier side, which can make it challenging to navigate tight spaces or maneuver quickly through crowded areas.
  • The Bugaboo Runner is a compelling choice for parents seeking a robust and stylish jogging stroller.
  • Its solid construction, smooth ride, and modern design set it apart from the competition.
  • Parents can make an informed decision on whether the Bugaboo Runner is the right fit for their active lifestyle by understanding its limitations and leveraging its strengths.


Is A Bugaboo good for running?

The Bugaboo Runner is specifically designed for running with children who are at least 9 months old and up to 17 kg/37.5 lbs. It is not recommended to use the car seat or pram body with the Bugaboo Runner. For infants under 9 months, it is advised to use another Bugaboo stroller that is more suitable. So, if you’re looking for a stroller to use while running with your toddler, the Bugaboo Runner could be a good option to consider.

Is Bugaboo worth the hype?

With Bugaboo’s versatility and adaptability as Aya grows, it truly lives up to the hype surrounding it. From the cozy bassinet for newborn strolls to the convenient car seat attachment for older infants like Aya, the Bugaboo seamlessly adjusts to meet different needs and stages of development. Moreover, Aya’s enjoyment and comfort during her Bugaboo rides further confirm its value, making it a worthwhile investment that enhances both practicality and joy in daily routines.

Why are Bugaboo strollers so popular?

Bugaboo strollers have garnered immense popularity due to their exceptional durability and longevity, attracting new parents who prioritize quality and long-term value over immediate cost savings. The ability to replace individual components ensures that Bugaboo strollers can withstand the rigors of daily use, making them a practical investment for growing families. Furthermore, the brand’s customizable options allow parents to personalize their strollers to suit their individual style and preferences, adding a touch of personal flair to an essential parenting accessory.

Why can’t you jog with a regular stroller?

Regular strollers are not designed for jogging due to the absence of key safety features needed for a smooth and secure running experience. Without a suspension system, durable bicycle-style tires, a locking front wheel, and a hand brake, regular strollers can’t provide the stability and control required for jogging. Attempting to jog with a regular stroller can be risky for both the one pushing it and the child inside, increasing the likelihood of accidents and injuries during the run. For a safe and enjoyable jogging experience with a little one, it’s crucial to use a stroller specifically designed for running that includes these important features.

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