Nuna Pet Stroller Review: Are They Worth It?

Discover how Nuna, a renowned brand in baby products, has now ventured into the world of pet strollers with the innovative Nuna MIXX2.

Offering a blend of convenience and style, this unique pet stroller is garnering attention for its features and design.

Join us as we delve into a detailed review.

nuna pet stroller review

The Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller offers several convenient features such as a padded cushion, bumper bar, and versatile seating options.

It is compatible with Nuna car seats, easy to assemble though time-consuming, and has a mix of rubber and plastic wheels impacting maneuverability.

The stroller is well-made with attention to detail, decent fabric quality, and a sturdy frame.

However, some corners have been cut, like using plastic front wheels.

The seat fabric feels durable, the shocks are stiff but not adjustable, and the seat may be uncomfortable without extra padding.

Key Points:

  • Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller features padded cushion, bumper bar, and versatile seating options
  • Compatible with Nuna car seats and has a mix of rubber and plastic wheels affecting maneuverability
  • Well-made with detailed construction, decent fabric quality, and sturdy frame
  • Some corners cut, such as plastic front wheels and non-adjustable shocks
  • Durable seat fabric; seat may be uncomfortable without additional padding
  • Easy to assemble but time-consuming

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💡 Did You Know?

1. The first pet stroller was actually invented in the 17th century for the use of King Charles II of England, who used it to transport his small toy spaniels around his palace grounds.

2. In Japan, pet strollers are commonly used by cat owners who take their feline companions on outdoor adventures, providing a safe and comfortable way for indoor cats to experience the outdoors.

3. The largest pet stroller ever made was created in 2013 and measured over 10 feet in length, designed to accommodate multiple large dogs or cats at once.

4. Some pet strollers come equipped with built-in GPS tracking devices, allowing pet owners to easily locate their furry friends if they happen to escape or run off while on a stroll.

5. In a recent study, researchers found that using a pet stroller can have positive psychological effects on both pets and their owners, reducing stress and anxiety levels in both parties during outdoor excursions.

Nuna Pet Stroller Overview

  • Nuna, a renowned company for innovative baby-centric products, has introduced the Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller.
  • The MIXX2 features a padded cushion and a bumper bar for the security of your furry friend.
  • Its seat can be oriented both forward and backward, providing flexibility for your pet’s preferences.

Features Of The Nuna Mixx2

The Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller offers a variety of features designed to elevate the pet travel experience, with notable attributes including:

  • 5 recline set points and an adjustable leg rest for tailored comfort
  • Compatibility with the Nuna Pipa and Nuna Pipa Lite car seats, eliminating the need for extra adapters
  • Meticulous construction featuring a durable frame and high-quality fabric for durability

However, certain compromises, like the plastic front wheels, could potentially affect the overall user experience.

Compatibility With Nuna Car Seats

One of the standout features of the Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller is its compatibility with the Nuna Pipa and Nuna Pipa Lite car seats, aligning with Nuna’s commitment to providing integrated solutions for families on the go. This seamless integration allows for a smooth transition between the stroller and car, ensuring convenience and ease of use. By eliminating the need for additional adapters, Nuna simplifies the process of traveling with pets, creating a seamless experience for both pets and owners alike.

  • Provides compatibility with Nuna Pipa and Nuna Pipa Lite car seats
  • Smooth transition between stroller and car
  • Eliminates the need for additional adapters

“Nuna Mixx2 pet stroller offers convenient integration with Nuna car seats, simplifying travel for pets and their owners.”

Assembly And Setup Process

The assembly and setup process of the Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller is crucial for prospective buyers to consider. With a setup time exceeding 11:30 minutes, patience may be required during the initial use. Users have reported that the visor is the most challenging component to assemble. Despite the time-consuming setup process, the stroller boasts commendable functionality and design, providing a durable and reliable solution for pet transportation needs.

Key Points:

  • Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller
  • Setup time over 11:30 minutes
  • Visor assembly is challenging
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller
  • Setup time over 11:30 minutes
  • Visor assembly is challenging
  • Durable and reliable design

Maneuverability And Tire Types

  • When assessing the maneuverability of the Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller, considerations must be made regarding the tire types utilized.
  • The stroller features rubber tires in the back and plastic tires in the front, impacting its agility and ease of movement.
  • While the rubber tires offer improved traction and durability, the plastic front tires may hinder maneuverability on certain terrains.
  • This hybrid tire design aims to balance stability and maneuverability, providing a functional yet potentially limiting experience for users navigating various surfaces.

Weight And Size Considerations

  • The Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller’s weight and size are significant factors to consider when evaluating its practicality for daily use.
  • Weighing 28.5 lbs and measuring 15,152 cubic inches when folded, the stroller is perceived as heavy and large compared to other models available in the market.
  • While the weight and size may present challenges in terms of portability and storage, the stroller’s sturdy construction and spacious design provide ample room and durability for pets of varying sizes.
  • Understanding these weight and size considerations is crucial for determining the stroller’s suitability based on individual needs and preferences.

Quality And Design

  • The Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller offers a blend of craftsmanship and functionality in its quality and design.
  • The stroller features a durable frame and high-quality fabric that enhance its aesthetic appeal and longevity.
  • However, some compromises are evident, like the use of plastic front wheels, which may impact the stroller’s performance and durability.
  • The stroller’s seat fabric has a coarser weave that provides a durable and snag-resistant surface for long-lasting use and comfort for pets during travel.

Comfort And Handling Experience

The comfort and handling experience of the Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller are vital aspects to consider for both pets and owners alike.
The stroller features a sturdy frame with a leather-covered handlebar, providing a comfortable grip for users during walks.

However, users have noted that the stroller’s stiff shocks, which are not adjustable, may impact the overall riding experience for pets.
Additionally, the hard seat design, even with a padding cover, may potentially lead to discomfort for pets during extended use.

Evaluating the stroller’s comfort and handling features is crucial for ensuring a pleasant and stress-free experience for both pets and owners when utilizing the Nuna MIXX2 pet stroller.

  • Sturdy frame for durability
  • Leather-covered handlebar for comfort
  • Importance of evaluating shock absorption
  • Potential discomfort from hard seat design


Is Nuna a good stroller?

While the Nuna stroller isn’t necessarily a bad choice, its average performance and higher price point may make it less appealing compared to other strollers on the market. With many more user-friendly and affordable options available that offer similar features and benefits, consumers might find better value and satisfaction with a different stroller choice.

Is Nuna high end?

Yes, Nuna can be considered a high-end brand due to its commitment to using premium materials, advanced safety features, and stylish design in its products. The Nuna PIPA car seat, in particular, is created with a focus on quality and luxury, making it a top choice for parents looking for a high-end car seat that prioritizes safety and style. Its attention to detail and dedication to exceeding safety standards further solidify Nuna’s reputation as a luxury brand in the baby products industry.

Why are Nuna strollers popular?

Nuna strollers have gained popularity for their innovative design and user-friendly features that cater to the needs of parents. With features like one-handed folding and unfolding capability, Nuna strollers make traveling with a baby a breeze, setting them apart from other brands on the market. Additionally, Nuna offers a range of accessories to enhance the stroller experience, providing convenience and ease for busy parents on the go.

Is the Nuna Tavo newborn safe?

Yes, the Nuna Tavo is newborn safe as its stroller seat features a lay-flat recline position, making it suitable for newborns without the need for an additional infant insert. This design ensures that newborns are comfortable and secure while riding in the stroller, providing peace of mind for parents when using the Nuna Tavo with their little ones. With this feature, parents can confidently take their newborn out for a stroll knowing that they are adequately supported and positioned in the stroller seat.

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