How do baby video monitors work?

A baby video monitor consist of a base transmitter and a receiver. The base transmitter is left in the baby’s room while the receiver is intended to placed in the caregivers hand while he or she is in another part of the house. This way, the caregiver is able to monitor the baby’s movements without any problem, and be with the baby at any time of an emergency. The caregiver can perform other tasks in the house while still monitoring the baby’s safety, thanks to this handy device.

The most basic of these monitors have audio information transmitted to one or more receivers through analog or digital technology. More advanced devices can monitor the baby’s breathing, movements and general safety, utilizing motion detection technology and video transmissions. There are several versions of baby video monitors, and some of them uses internet technology with more advanced features. Below mentioned are some of the most popular versions of baby video monitors in the market today.

Analog Monitors

Summer Infant Analog Baby MonitorThis method uses the same signals as a FM radio does. Sounds are broken down into smaller bits as they are delivered via radio frequencies.

These bits are reassembled as they are delivered to a receiver. The process happens seamlessly and the sound of a child’s voice is not interrupted.

These sounds can be interrupted by sounds of other baby monitors or sounds from cordless telephone conversations. As a solution to this, analog monitors are programmed to operate on a higher frequency than normal radio frequencies.


Digital Monitors

Digital Video Baby MonitorDigital monitors are considered to be more powerful than analog monitors and transmits information using digital technology.

Digital monitors transform data into coded information and then it is reassembled and delivered into a receiver. This process is known as encrypting. This process can minimize the interruptions in the environment. The information shared by this method is more secure than any other method.

If you’re looking for one, this article will help you find the best video monitors.


Two Way Monitors

Motorola MBP36 Digital_Video_Baby_MonitorThis technology is similar to the technology of a walkie-talkie. The sound can be carried over radio waves in order to make two way communication between a baby monitor and a receiver.

This will help the parent to speak to the child from a different part of the house, as well as, hear all the sounds that are emanating from the child’s room. This gadget is really helpful to a caregiver.

Most video monitors, especially higher end models such as the Motorola MBP36 have a two-way communication feature.


Smartphone Monitoring

BabyPing_Monitor_iPhoneThe advance internet technology has made it possible for parents to monitor a child’s movements from a remote location by using a computer or mobile device with internet access.

Using the popular Voice-Over-Internet-protocol or VOIP technology, parents are able to use popular video chat platforms to communicate with their children while being in a different location. But these type of devices can experience communication interruptions if the internet connection is down or disrupted.

The above mentioned are some of the most popular baby video monitor devices in the market right now. Advances in technology has made it possible for these devices to function without any problem.

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