Travel Cribs for Babies

Do you have plans of traveling soon together with your baby? If you intend to do so, then travel cribs for babies will be an option you need to consider. Many people feel that the baby cot is the most used baby equipment. The cot is so versatile that some can even double up as play pens which makes them perfect for the periods when you are spending time with relatives and friends.

You will be able to find various kinds of baby cots considering all them are created differently. The basssinet is a feature that appeals to most parents; however when your baby starts crawling, you will have to take it out. Such cots are perfectly suited for babies until they are 2 years old. Most of them are nowadays packed in bags which makes transporting them an easy process. Below is a review of some of the best travel cribs for babies.

Lotus Travel Crib

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby PlayardThe Lotus travel crib offers a lot more in terms of functionality. It is a crib that can be used almost anywhere since it is light and portable. It can be set up in just 15 seconds. For this reason, it can be used everywhere, everyday and some good examples are at home, at a dinner party, during a playgroup, across town or even at the airport.

>> Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

The crib is gorgeous, boasts of clean lines including art inspired logos and graphics. Fabric used is soft textured while colors incorporated give a modern feel. Setting it up is a rather simple and it takes only a short time. This makes it easy to carry when visiting friends and family. The fact that it can be folded into a lightweight backpack makes it quite desirable as it will allow you to use both hands to do other things.


Baby Home Dream Portable Baby Crib

Baby Home Dream Portable Baby CribThe frame used to build the crib is lightweight aluminum which makes it really innovative. The fabric is attached to the frame using zippers thereby creating a cozy bed for your baby. The cot is generally designed to fulfill comfort and safety needs. The covers used are made from pure cotton which means nothing will get out of place.

>> Baby Home Dream Portable Baby Crib

It is available in several color options so you’re bound find one you like. The legs have been designed to be set to 3 different configurations in order to stabilize the crib, to rock it as a cradle and also to wheel it from one area to another. Moreover, the legs can be removed easily thus allowing you to fold it and fit it into the travel bag included. The cot is deep enough to make the baby feel safe as it also creates a calm and quiet environment. The nylon fabric can also be removed effortlessly from the frame in case you would like to wash it.


Graco Travel Lite Crib

Graco Travel Lite CribThe Graco travel lite crib is small and compact plus its got caster wheels which make it convenient to shift whenever you feel it is necessary to do so. The bassinet which sits above the crib is an added bonus as it comes in handy in situations whereby you want your baby to lay down for naps instead of reaching down the bottom.

>> Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages

The cot is built using a strong metal frame and it has big mesh openings appearing on all sides. Therefore, as your baby grows older, the cot can function as a playard. It is strong enough such that it would take a bit of effort to topple it over. The mesh enables you to watch over your young one while they also allow for maximum ventilation. When compared to others that are more rugged looking playards, the Graco travel lite crib is more romantic as the first crib for your little bundle of joy.


Samsonite Koo-di Baby Bubble Travel Cot

Koo-di Baby Bubble Travel CotAs the name suggests, the cot is shaped like a bubble. To begin with, the Koo-di is rather easy to assemble as you would need no instructions and not much effort. It is also very light and weighs less than 5lbs. It might appear as though it is some kind of tent while you are setting it up.

>> Koo-di Baby Bubble Travel Cot

In addition, the design incorporated is so simple that it would be easy to take if you are spending the night away from home. Compared to a crib, traveling around with it is easy. However, you need to bear in mind that it has no option of being used as a playpen.

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