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When kids enter our lives, there are lots of changes to be made. If you are a cyclist who has recently become a parent, and enjoy cycling, you can take your kids along to join in the fun. Bicycle trailers for kids are designed for recreational cyclists who are family-minded, to keep your little ones safe, comfortable and dry on a cycling trip.

Which Bike Trailer For Kids Is The Best?

When choosing the best bicycle trailer for your recreational purposes, you should look for a simple design that will be easy to fold down compactly for transportation and easy storage. Sturdy tires and rims are important for good performance and durability. The canopy should have a weather shield to keep precious cargo dry and a bug screen to keep away pesky intruders. If you are looking for a double unit, make sure that the device is versatile enough to transform into a double stroller which is fairly lightweight with an adequate child weight limit.

InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer

InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle TrailerA versatile trailer, the Instep can go from biking to strolling with one or two kids in tow without the need for tools.

>> InStep Quick N EZ Double Bike Trailer


  • Simple fold-down design for easy transportation and storage
  • 2 in 1 Canopy with weather shield and bug screen
  • Coupler which attaches to almost any bicycle
  • Swiveling front wheel Stroller Kit with handle bar
  • 33 pound weight with 80 pound child weight limit
  • 16” pneumatic tires


  • The folding frame has a quick release mechanism that is easy to operate and the stroller has a parking brake to use while in stroller mode for extra safety.
  • Sling style seating with five point safety harnesses give toddlers a secure and snug ride.
  • A lightweight ride you can barely feel.


  • Perfect for a ride into town with the versatility of transforming into a stroller, this trailer is however not suitable for trails or rugged terrain.
  • Space for two kids can be tight
  • Taller kids cause the fabric to sag onto the pavement, creating damage.
  • Harness buckles are difficult to unfasten
  • Front wheels tend to stick when used as a double stroller


Croozer Designs Kid Trailer

Croozer Designs KidSafety is most important and the Croozer features a baby sling and support used in conjunction with a 5 point harness for younger babies up to 20 months, until children are able to sit up on their own.

>> Croozer Double Child Trailer


  • Strong and safe, it is ready for biking, strolling or jogging
  • Safety supports for babies
  • Spacious and comfortable interior
  • Large front and rear bumpers
  • 2 separate seats inside means that there is more lateral support than with other trailers
  • Quick, easy folding
  • A combination insect and weather cover


  • Somewhat wider than other biking trailers at 90cm and may not fit through some garden gates
  • Suspension option not included making for a hard ride
  • Buggy wheels are on the hard side making the ride a bit bumpy


Schwinn Trailblazer

Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle TrailerThis double bike trailer is versatile and offers optimum performance with safety and durability. Schwinn bike trailers for kids are tested for safety to ASTM standards and independent testing laboratories recommend that a child should be at least 6 months old before being placed in a stroller and bike trailers are not safe for children under the age of 1 year as their heads should be able to support a helmet’s weight which is always a safety requirement for a child riding in a trailer.

>> Schwinn Trailblazer for kids


  • Two in one canopy with weather shield and bug screen
  • A coupler that attaches to most cycles
  • Stroller kit with handle bar and swiveling wheel in front
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Dual trigger on the folding mechanism makes it safe and easy to fold
  • Parking brake in stroller mode
  • 20” pneumatic tires and aluminum rims
  • Deluxe seat padding and harness
  • 23.8 pounds weight with 80 pounds child weight capacity


  • No safety reflectors on the back
  • Fabric on the floor needs to be more sturdy
  • Velcro flaps come loose and are hard to use unless properly aligned
  • Front wheel in stroller mode is wobbly and noisy
  • The wheel bracket could be more secure.
  • The coupler does not work with a GT bike

Overall safety comes first when it comes to your loved ones, and precious cargo should not be transported where there is a higher safety risk, so stay on safe terrain and any one of the above bike trailers for kids will work for you.

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