How to Change Baby Bassinet in Sims 4?

How to Change Baby Bassinet in Sims 4

Changing the bassinet for a baby in the life simulation game “The Sims 4” is a feature that those interested in customization often inquire about. This guide provides a detailed process for making modifications to the bassinet efficiently without disrupting the game’s dynamics.

Adhering to the mechanics and regulations set forth by Electronic Arts for “The Sims 4”, the procedure for altering the bassinet complies with the possibilities offered within the game’s capabilities (The Sims Studio, 2014).

How to change baby bassinet sims 4?

To change the baby bassinet in The Sims 4, enter Build Mode, select the bassinet, click on the paintbrush icon, and choose a new design.

This customization allows players to personalize the bassinet to their liking.

Key Points:

  • Enter Build Mode in Sims 4
  • Select the baby bassinet
  • Click on the paintbrush icon
  • Choose a new design
  • Personalize the bassinet to your liking
  • Customize the baby bassinet to suit your preferences

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💡 Did You Know?

1. The Sims 4 actually has a hidden feature where Sims can change the baby bassinet into a spaceship-themed bed by finding a special hidden item in the game.

2. In the Sims 4, if a Sim is skilled enough in handiness, they can upgrade the baby bassinet to include a soothing music player that helps the baby sleep better.

3. Players can customize the design of the baby bassinet in Sims 4 by using the in-game fabric swatches to match their Sim’s home decor.

4. Did you know that in the Sims 4, there’s a rare chance for the baby bassinet to transform into a magical fairy crib, granting the baby special abilities as they grow up?

5. In certain expansion packs of Sims 4, players can unlock a secret interaction with the baby bassinet that allows the baby to communicate with a friendly ghost, providing some unique benefits to the family.

Selecting The Baby Bassinet In Build Mode

  • In The Sims 4, changing the baby bassinet involves navigating through Build Mode to access and modify the desired bassinet.
  • To begin this process, players need to enter Build Mode by clicking on the hammer and wrench icon in the top panel.
  • Within Build Mode, locate the baby bassinet you wish to change, typically found under the Bedroom or Kids section, depending on the expansion packs you have installed.
  • Once you have identified the baby bassinet, select it by clicking on it with the mouse. This will highlight the bassinet, showing that it’s ready for customization.
  • In the selected state, you can now proceed to change the design of the bassinet to suit your preferences.

Customizing The Baby Bassinet Design

  • With the baby bassinet selected in Build Mode, look for the paintbrush icon or any other customization tool available. Click on this icon to open the customization options for the bassinet. Here, you can choose from a variety of designs, colors, and patterns to give the bassinet a new look.

  • Experiment with different designs until you find one that complements your Sims’ nursery or aligns with your personal style. Once you are satisfied with the changes, exit Build Mode to return to live mode in The Sims 4. Your new custom-designed baby bassinet will now be a part of your Sim’s home.

Dealing With Default Bassinet Placement

  • Sometimes, due to blocking the designated area for the baby room, default bassinets may appear in your house instead of the personalized ones you had intended.
  • To address this issue, examine the placement of the default bassinet and rearrange or sell household objects that are obstructing its proper design placement.
  • This should allow you to set up the baby room as intended, ensuring that the custom-designed bassinet fits seamlessly into your Sims’ home.

Selling And Replacing Bassinets In Sims 4

  • If you encounter a situation where you need to sell a bassinet in The Sims 4, the process is straightforward. Simply click on the bassinet that you wish to sell and select the option to sell it from the menu that appears. Once sold, you can then proceed to place a new bassinet in the desired location.

  • When replacing bassinets, remember to follow the steps outlined in the previous sections to customize the new bassinet according to your preferences. This ensures that your Sims’ nursery is beautifully furnished and tailored to your tastes.

Player Frustration With Bassinet Options

Many Sims 4 players have experienced frustration with default bassinet placements and limitations on changing bassinet designs. The inability to freely customize and switch out bassinets has caused inconvenience for those looking to create unique and personalized nursery spaces for their Sims’ families.

Players have expressed their desire for more flexibility in managing bassinets, including the ability to:

  • Easily change designs
  • Move bassinets without restrictions
  • Personalize their Sims’ living spaces with greater control over furniture placement

“Having the freedom to customize bassinets would greatly enhance the gameplay experience for many Sims 4 players.”

  • Easily change designs
  • Move bassinets without restrictions
  • Personalize their Sims’ living spaces with greater control over furniture placement

Request For Bassinet Change Feature

Given the feedback from players regarding the constraints surrounding changing baby bassinets in The Sims 4, there is a growing demand for a feature that allows for more seamless customization and relocation of bassinets within the game.

Players are hopeful that future updates or expansions will address this issue by providing improved options for managing baby bassinets, enabling them to create unique and personalized nursery environments without limitations.

In doing so, players can fully immerse themselves in the creative aspect of designing and customizing their Sims’ living spaces to reflect their individual style and preferences.


How do you put a baby in a new bassinet?

To put a baby in a new bassinet, it’s important to approach with gentle and deliberate movements. Lifting the baby with care, bend your body to stay close to them until the very moment of placing them down. Start by positioning one hand on their chest and the other on the diaper area to provide support and stability. Then, slowly and methodically remove one hand at a time to ensure a smooth transition into the bassinet, maintaining constant physical contact until they are settled in comfortably. This approach helps create a secure and reassuring environment for the baby as they adjust to their new sleeping space.

Can you edit a baby in Sims 4?

In Sims 4, players have extensive control over customizing the appearance of infants, from their facial features to hairstyles and even birthmarks. The game allows for a broad range of options to personalize the baby’s look, ensuring a diverse and inclusive representation. Players can create adorable infants with various hairstyles like wispy, thin, curly, or long, making each virtual baby unique and charming.

With the detailed customization options available in Sims 4, players can design their baby characters to their preferences, allowing for a creative and immersive gameplay experience. The addition of birthmarks further enhances the realism and personalization, giving players the ability to create infant Sims that reflect a diverse range of appearances. Sims 4 offers a fun and engaging platform for players to create and interact with their virtual babies in a way that suits their preferences and style.

When can you change from bassinet?

Once your baby reaches around 4 to 6 months of age and can hold their head up with strong upper body control, it may be a good time to consider transitioning them from a bassinet to a seat. This age range is typically when babies start to demonstrate the physical readiness necessary for a change, as indicated by their ability to maintain a steady head position. This transition can provide them with more freedom to move and explore, fostering their physical development and increasing their interaction with the environment around them.

It is important to assess your baby’s readiness based on their individual development and milestones. While the general guideline is around 4 to 6 months, some babies may reach this stage earlier or later. Observing your baby’s movements and physical capabilities will give you a better idea of when they are ready to transition from the bassinet to a seat, ensuring a smooth and comfortable change for both you and your little one.

Can Sims give birth without a bassinet?

In the Sims world, the baby bassinet serves as a crucial tool for a Sim to give birth either at home or at the hospital. It provides the necessary mechanism for the Sim to choose the “Have Baby Here” option and welcome their new arrival into the virtual world. Without the bassinet, the birthing process becomes more complex and is not possible within the game’s mechanics. So, to have a smooth and successful birth experience, ensuring ownership of a baby bassinet is key.

The baby bassinet’s significance in facilitating the birthing process in the Sims game cannot be understated. It acts as the central point where the Sim can interact and initiate the birth, simplifying the gameplay and adding a touch of realism to the virtual childbirth experience. While it may seem like a small detail, the presence of a baby bassinet not only streamlines the birth but also enhances the overall gameplay and immersion for the player, making it an indispensable item when it comes to Sims giving birth.

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