Toys for Toddlers: Best Educational Toys for Two Year Olds

In this age of educational importance, many parents are trying to find the best toys to help their toddlers learn. But with so many different toys available, it can sometimes be tricky to determine which ones are actually the best for your child.

Leap Frog My Own Laptop

LeapFrog My Own LeaptopLeap Frog is one of the most widely recognized brands of children’s educational toys, and is known for their ability to make learning fun for any age. One of their best-selling toys is the My Own Laptop for children ages two, three and four. This educational toy teaches children to write, with its own stylus.

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The screen is large for easier reading and writing capabilities for little hands, and the laptop is customizable to let your child learn to spell and write his or her name. This laptop has the alphabet, messages, fun to learn games, and music. Music has been shown in scientific studies to help brains develop and grow, making the child able to learn more quickly, and retain more knowledge.

This toy has no small parts that are dangerous for kids. The safety and teaching capabilities of this toy make it one of the best for educationally minded parents to choose.

Dot-to-Dot Lacing Enchanted Kingdom

Lauri Toys Dot-2-Dot Lacing Enchanted KingdomLauri Toys is an esteemed toy manufacturing brand for educational toys, as well. The Lauri Toys Dot-to-Dot Lacing Enchanted Kingdom is a great teaching tool that helps young children develop motor skills, hand to eye coordination and promotes better handwriting abilities. The handwriting ability is perfected due to children learning the correct pincer grip in order to push the lacings through the holes in the cutouts.

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Children are encouraged to learn to place laces through holes in cutout figures in order to complete pictures. Tying off the laces prepares children to learn to tie shoelaces in order to move away from Velcro closures. The Dot-to-Dot Lacing is also a good way to teach children how to match colors, since each lace is color coordinated to its own card. The feeling of accomplishment a child can feel from completing a lacing card can go a long way to develop a healthy self-esteem. Overall, this is a great toy to develop motor skills and mental health.

Lightning McQueen Atlas

Vtech Lightening McQueen AtlasVTech is another great brand well known for the educational abilities of its toys. The Lightening McQueen Atlas is a great toy for teaching children about different places in the world. The Atlas has a touch screen with many sensitive points that, when touched, will name the location, and go into details about each particular area, such as continents, countries, oceans, foreign language, landmarks, culture, and capital cities.

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With thirty-five touch sensitive points and a large button, the Lightening McQueen Atlas not only teaches geography, but also helps young children develop hand to eye coordination. The Atlas uses exaggerated sounds and music to help encourage young children to continue to grow and learn geography and linguistics. This toy is a great addition to any toy room, because it is one of the few that teaches geography to such a young age bracket in such a profound and fun manner.

Let’s Imagine Elmo

Let's Imagine ElmoPlayskool is another well recognized toy manufacturer, and is well known for the educational enrichment offered to young toddlers in their most developmental stage. One of the best-selling toys from Playskool is the Let’s Imagine Elmo.

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This toy comes with four interactive play modes that encourage a child to use his or her imagination. Building a child’s imagination strengthens the brain, builds character and teaches problem solving. This toy also teaches children to count from one to twenty. There is music to help keep young toddlers engaged and active with the learning process as they continue to play the day away.

To sum it up…

At two years of age, a toddler’s brain is beginning to develop more rapidly, and a wealth of knowledge can be easily learned as long as the child is engaged. Most of the best educational toys will come with sound effects and music to hold the child’s attention, all while teaching the basic lessons for toddlers and preschoolers.

With all of the great educational toys available for young toddlers, it is easy to find great toys that toddlers will love to play with, all while learning a variety of new skills and beginning the foundation of a great knowledge base, personality and building a wonderful self-esteem.

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