Best dirt bike for kids

Whether your kids want to start racing competitively or just want an off-road riding experience, a dirt bike would serve its purpose. Choosing the best starter dirt bike for kids can be intimidating. Some kids as young as three can ride while there are others who don’t start till they’re in their early teens.

Different ages require different kinds – you can choose between electric and gas-powered ones. Younger ones are much better off using electric as it is much safer and easier to use. The following are the best dirt bikes for kids for the money. They all cost under $1000. Please note, I haven’t included gas-powered brands such as Yamaha and Kawasaki; if you’re after those, then skip towards the end of this article where I’ll show you where you can get good deals.

Razor MX350 Motocross Bike

Is it the Best starter dirt bike for kids?

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross BikeThis is a miniature electric motocross bike. It is naturally geared for dirt and rough terrain with its large 10″ tires; offering maximum power transfer in the process. It comes fitted with a single speed chain driven motor which is super quiet. It has a hand operated rear brake with some adjustable handlebars and an easy to use twist grip throttle for control purposes.

>>Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

It has a 350 watt electric motor and two 12V lead batteries which can pack up to 12 hours of battery charge time and at least half an hour of continuous use, it can also travel for over 10 miles on a single charge. It is worth noting that the bike can go for speeds of up to 12 miles per hour at any given time. The bike weighs about 70.25 pounds with a weight limit of around 140 pounds.


DB49A 50CC

It it the best 50cc dirt bike for kids?

DB49A Blue 50CC 2-Stroke Gas Motor Mini Dirt Bike

The DB49A 50CC Dirt Bike is one of the best bikes in this category; a 2 stroke machine that has a 49cc single cylinder engine type. The engine can comfortably give you speeds of up to 35mph. The bikes frame is made of steel with a coated finish expansion chamber. The exhaust has no shifting capabilities and comes in the automatic transmission mode.

>> DB49A 50CC 2-stroke Gas Motor Dirt Pit Bike

For fueling purposes, the manufacturers’ advice the use of one gallon of gasoline mixed with cycle oil of choice in the mixing ratio of 25:1. The bike weighs around 52lbs with a weight capacity of 145lbs and offers the rider a seating height of 22″; the height is also adjustable. This bike comes in a wide variety of colors too.


Kuberg Cross Offroad Motocross Bike

Is it the best electric dirt bike for kids?

Kuberg Cross Electric Offroad Motocross BikeThis is an Electric BMX bike that has a heavy duty design with a very rugged construction that can support weights of around 220 pounds. It is quite appropriate for riders in the 5 to 12 years age bracket. The 750 watt motor can pump up speeds of up to 18mph and can comfortably offer the rider a two hour ride on a single charge.

>> Kuberg Cross 23-inch Electric Offroad Motocross Bike

The bike is fitted with parental speed control capabilities and is powered by 2 lead acid batteries (12V) with twelve inch knobby tires and a strong and sturdy twist grip throttle control capabilities. The bike also has a custom suspension with some very responsive brakes which make for a safe and smooth ride for young riders; helping them build on their confidence in the process. It is also free of jetting, carburetors, gas, hot exhaust and kick start. The bike does allow young riders an opportunity to ride in areas they would otherwise be unable to ride at all.


Motovox 70cc

Is it the best gas dirt bike for kids?

Motovox 70 cc Dirt Bike


This is a powerful off road machine which consistently delivers. It is a sturdy 5.3HP powered bike, has a 4 speed gear with no clutch and thus easy to kick start. The 4 stroke engine is quite reliable and provides lots of power to its users.

>> Motovox 70 cc Gas-powered Dirt Bike

To fully expose its rough side and display its superbly crafted engine, the bike has no tank or side covers, it also comes without the dent polypropylene fenders. Its steel rims with alloy hubs add on to its mystique look which its young sports enthusiasts love.

It is usually shipped in a single carton and is easy to assemble as it comes almost fully assembled; all one needs to do is to attach the handlebar and zoom off. This is a true gem, whichever way you look at it.


Factors to consider when shopping for kids dirt bike

When choosing a good bike, it is important to pay keen attention on a number of issues. It is important to engage a well trusted and reliable brand, they are bound to try and combine high quality materials with leading edge technology to produce a product that is both safe and durable.

One should also choose a bike that suits his or her lifestyle, because a bike generally espouses the lifestyle of the rider at any given time. If you are getting a bike as a gift for your young one, make a point of choosing a bike that is both safe and easy to ride; this will make him or her enjoy the riding experience to its fullest.

Finally, it is important to consider the cost of maintaining or running the bike. This is especially so for gas propelled engines; buying fuel may prove to be quite costly over a long period of time. If the bike is motor powered, the maintenance cost may also rise as time goes by and the engine starts to deteriorate or wear out.

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