The best outdoor toys for toddlers

Outdoor toys are among the most favourite toys for kids especially during summer when they’re on vacation. The warm and sunny days give them an opportunity to maximize on their play time and to create a special world of pretence which keeps them healthy and active most of the time. Thus, getting a toy which is sturdy since kids are always rougher more so on outside toys; brightly colored since kids love attractive colors and that which meets all the safety guidelines is really essential. The toys must be exciting and fun where kids can jump, hop, twirl and bounce comfortably.

The outdoor toys can be classified as sports play, role-playing toys, water-play and gymnastics-type toys. The choice of any type of toy will depend on what exactly one would wish his/her kids to achieve and what really makes them happy. Most of these toys are affordable and can be purchased from online stores. Some of the best outdoor toys for toddlers include:

The Step2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide

Step2 Naturally Playful Big Folding SlideIt’s a common toy which is manufactured by the Step 2. It meets all the criteria for an ordinary outdoor slide toy for toddlers. It has very unique features which include:

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• It can be folded making it very convenient during storage and transportation.
• Its durable; it has a double-wall resin construction which not only makes its sturdy, but also to withstand the harsh weather conditions such as sunlight. The plastic do not bend easily.
• The angle of slide; unlike most toddler toy slides which are very steep, this slide has a relatively small angle with a curve. This ensures that kids do not slide down the toy with extremely high speeds. It helps to reduce the impact force on kids making them to land on the ground smoothly.
• Its light since it’s only weighs 50 lbs. and it doesn’t require much assembly.
• It has side rails which kids can grip and thus assisting them to the top of the slide.

This is one of the best slide toys though it’s slightly expensive as compared to other toys in the same category.

Fold and Go Trampoline – Limited Edition Red

Fold and Go TrampolineThis toy is manufactured by the PSE. It’s yet another favorite toy for toddles who enjoy jumping. With this toy, kids can easily keep fit and burn all the excess energy easily. Besides, it’s also good when it comes developing their physical needs.

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Its light weight makes it portable and it doesn’t have metal springs like most trampolines. It can easily be folded and thus storage and transportation isn’t an issue. It has been constructed with durable frame finish which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thus, your kids can enjoy playing no matter the weather (raining, sunny or even at night).

This toy is also easy to assemble (20 minutes is more than enough) and it’s also safe since both the handle and the frame cover have been padded. The safe bouncing is limited to 150 pounds. With all this superlative features, going for this toy could be the best option.

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Pogo

Fisher-Price Grow to Pro PogoThis is a product by the Fisher-Price. This outdoor toy has the following features:

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• An extra big base; this helps kids to balance more so if they’re new to it. It gives them the confidence they need as they play. Remember, most kids fear falling down. This base can be removed after they’ve familiarized themselves with the toy and they can go pogo like a pro.
• It comes with two interchangeable bases which can be used by beginners and the advanced level.
• The handles are designed to fit smaller hands with good grip while peddles are also wide enough which make kids to keep on sticking to it.

This toy is designed for kids who’re above 5 yrs with a weight not more than 60 pounds. It’s such an amazing toy though the weight limit is somehow very low.

High Back Full Bucket Toddler Infant Swing Seat with SSS logo Sticker

High Back Full Bucket Toddler Infant Swing SeatThis is yet another toy by the Swing Set Stuff Inc. It’s a very sturdy swing which has been manufactured from good quality material. They are made of polymer and the recommended weight is about 105 pounds. They can with stand scorching sun without either their color fading or getting deformed. Generally, they’re durable. They’re also safe for kids.

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There are very many outdoor toys available in the market. Always find out what your kids enjoy doing most before making the final decision. You must not compromise both safety and the fun your kids will have by buying cheap toys which are substandard.

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